I began playing the guitar at age 16 during a forced break from athletics due to injury. For this lifelong music lover, what began as a hobby and a way to fill my time quickly progressed into something more, and as a student at  Columbia University, I began to take classes in music theory and music history. I also received my first formal training on guitar from one of New York City's best guitarists, Jake Ezra Schwartz (The Book of Mormon, Van Davis). By the time I graduated, I could no longer resist the call, and I made the decision to pursue music as a career.

First, I would attend The Collective School of Music (TheCollective.edu) here in the city, where I studied with many more of New York's most highly sought professional guitarists, alongside devoted students from all of the world. There, I was exposed to - and forced to learn - all kinds of music that I had never played before. Jazz, bossa nova, Afro-Cuban, and funk became staples of my previously blues-rock dominated musical palette. Since my time at The Collective, I have been gigging around the city and teaching students of all ages and ability levels. I am also proud to announce that I am now hard at work on my first album.