-learn your favorite songs
-rhythm and lead guitar, electric or acoustic
-rock, blues, jazz, funk, folk, metal, country styles
-learn to play by ear
-music theory
-sight reading

I will teach you just as I have been taught by the fabulous teachers who have given me so much. Lessons will be tailored to your goals and ability level. After each lesson, you will have something to work on at home - a song, a drill, a concept - that you can develop at whatever pace you choose. Two keys to my own musical growth that I always keep in mind are: 1. Clarity - I thrived under instruction that was clear in its method and approach (e.g., if you work on this technique, you will learn this skill, which will improve your playing in this way) and 2. Keeping it fun - I always try to keep the pleasure of playing enjoyable music at the forefront of my teaching, because at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

Do you have a favorite song or guitar solo that you've always wanted to play but couldn't figure out how? Imagine the freedom and power you'll feel when you figure it out yourself BY EAR. Learning to play by ear brought a whole new level of joy and ability to my guitar playing, and with the simple techniques I will teach you, you too can be on your way to true musical freedom.

Have you ever been blown away by a beautiful guitar solo that someone improvised on the spot? I used to wonder how that was possible until I learned the relevant theory and developed the confidence to give it a try myself. Few things in life are more satisfying than letting loose, playing whatever you feel in the moment, and enjoying the sounds you're making! With just a few basics of music theory and a couple of pointers, you too can experience this joy in no time.

A common misconception is that music theory is a bunch of rules and constraints that limit the creativity of musicians, and, sadly, many musicians neglect theory due to this fear - or because they think it's simply too complicated. This couldn't be further from the truth! A solid foundation in music theory can launch you into a whole new realm of creative possibilities. Music theory makes playing by ear, memorizing chord progressions, licks, solos, and melodies and just about everything else related to guitar and music so much easier. Learn why and how the songs you love work the way they do and apply those techniques to your own playing! Music theory is not a set of rules - it's simply a description of what you already love about music, and an education in music theory takes you one big step closer to fluency in the language of music.


"Allen is a fantastic teacher. He is patient and fun and has definitely brought my playing to the next level!
I recommend taking lessons from him for anyone at any stage in his or her playing, whether you just want to learn songs to jam to or get deeper into music theory!"

-Andre N.

"Allen is a phenomenal teacher. I've been playing for over 10 years, and I was blown away by how much I could learn from him. His knowledge of theory and technique is second-to-none, and yet his teaching style is fun and easy-going. In short, playing with Allen has been an invaluable asset to my musical development AND I had a blast while doing it!"

-Chris C.

Rates: $100 per lesson or $300 for Five